Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy money from Your blog!

Make money from Your blog! High bids per click, lowest commision, good support, live stats, revelant ads and REALLY FAST PAYOUTS!!

If You want to register with them click the button above or just visit their website for more information!

How does it work?
1. First of all You need to register as a publisher and get your website approved, then just insert few lines of Q2Click's code into your website. Every time your page visitors load the pages, intext Ads are showing on Your sites.
2. Visitors are clicking Ads, your money are cumulated on your Q2Click account until payment date.
3. Every 30 days You get Your money :)

From their site:
What are the general requirements for participating?
Websites of our partners must meet certain traffic quality and content standards.

What is your payout percentage?
We pay up to 80% of Our standard feed rate, and up to 90% of webmasters private feed rate.

When do I get paid?
Our regular payouts are made every 30 days (always on 3rd working day of each month) via PayPal, checks, Epassporte or wire transfers. The minimal payout is $100.

And I got to say - REALLY FAST PAYOUT - I choosed the Epassporte option and get my payouts max till 5th!